Best of Elsewhere

Below is a list of websites and blogs that I read and have found useful.


  • Tom Sherrington – Erudite and thoughtful
  • Alex Quigley – More English-orientated than history, but as the crossover between the disciplines means there is much to steal

History Specific

  • Ben Newmark – Full of common sense and clear thinking
  • Michael Fordham – High-level and often more theoretical than practical, but provides fine food for thought
  • Christine Counsell – A must-read in the history teaching community. Her excellent free book on literacy and history is available in PDF format here.
  • Jim Carroll – Relatively rare posts although his article on ‘lexicogrammatical chunks’ in the Teaching History (£) is a must
  • Rob Peal – Writes interesting blogs and shares excellent resources that complement the textbooks he has authored
  • Louis Everett – Former Head of History and founder of the excellent West London Free School’s History Conference
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