CIE History (0470/0977)

CIE Past Paper Questions 

Paper 1 (Core Content + Depth Study)

Paper 4 (Alternative to Coursework)


Source Booklets for Coursework

Please read my ‘6 Reflections’ for a few thoughts on making a success of the coursework. Please note: the Vietnam War question, if a centre were to choose it, first needs approval by the exam board as it is not part of the Depth Study. (It has been approved in the past with an appropriate outline scheme of learning.)

Brainscape (Online Flashcards)

I have used Brainscape for a number of to help pupils acquire what Christine Counsell has called ‘fingertip knowledge’. I have generally preferred Brainscape to Quizlet as it incorporates an element of metacognition (pupils have to rate their level of confidence). 
With the exception of Germany, these decks are not complete and some flashcards need tweaking.
Nonetheless, they may be useful. Please note: a login (either through Google or Facebook) is required before accessing these cards. In the first instance they are best accessed via a computer.
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