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A site to share resources

When I first started teaching I often found it difficult to find quality resources. Over the years I have therefore cobbled together some of my own which I have now decided to share here. 

A lot of the resources here are exam focused. That is only because they tend to be the most generally useful.

In terms of ensuring exam success, my interpretation of the research can be summarised as follows: successful pupils a) learn the ‘stuff’ and b) practise applying that stuff to past paper questions. 

To that end, over the years I have mainly created resources that fall into the following categories: 

  1. Sets of past paper questions 
  2. My notes (particularly for OCR A Level History)
  3. Model/exemplar answers 

These resources – particularly those in categories 2 and 3 – are likely wrought with imperfections. Constructive feedback on how to improve them is always welcome. My model answers may not work for everyone, but teachers may be able to dig out some useful examples or turns of phrase that they can pass on to pupils. 

In short, I hope that you find something useful in these pages. If you do, please do share this site with others. 

Complaints and queries to ahistoryteachershares@gmail.com




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